God’s Promise

rev action

Revival San Antonio is an attempt by ordinary people to start a
“Revival of Christianity and Righteousness”.

  • Revive the lukewarm
  • Restore the family
  • Reform the church
  • Rescue the lost
  • Reclaim the culture
  • Exalt God and promote Christianity on outdoor billboards
  • Sow seeds for a Spiritual Awakening in our websites and Facebook
  • Promote “Me Revivals” and “Household Revivals”
  • Pray for Church leadership, reformation and revival
  • Rededicate one’s self to God
  • Pray daily and promote prayer
  • Recognize Sin
  • Repent
  • Develop a personal relationship with God
  • Start Household Revivals in our homes
  • Attend an evangelical church instilling Godliness and promoting a biblical world view
  • Share our faith
  • Promote and defend Christian values in our government, schools, organizations and activities
  • Vote for Godly elected officials
  • Support Godly businesses and boycott blasphemous businesses
  • For our actions to be pleasing in God’s eyes
  • Warn and evangelize using the websites: Revival SA, Crusaders for Christ and Pro-God
  • Increase the number of people reached on Facebook: Revival SA

Can Christianity survive without a Revival?

rev action