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To promote revival and to help prepare the stage for a spiritual awakening.


Revival San Antonio is a grassroots movement with the goal of uniting 300 zealous, like minded pastors, ministry leaders and lay persons into an informal city-wide network that is willing to pray for a spiritual awakening and to take action for a religious revival.


  1. Find, recruit and unite 300 dedicated spiritual fire starters.
  2. The 300 will pray for revival, promote revival and participate in revival seeking events.


  1. For each of us to pray for a spiritual awakening and take action to make a difference within our sphere of influence.
  2. For God to use us collectively to bring light to a dark city and to transform San Antonio into a God honoring and moral Christian City.
  3. For the majority to repent and experience an increase love for God.
  4. For church growth and influence to occur as a result of revival services.


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